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In this document you will find a list of Ex - wallcharts from different suppliers of products and services.

I dette dokumentet vil du finne en oversikt over EX - Posters/Plakater i PDF fra forskjellige leverandører.

Hopefully the list will be usefully in you daily search after resources within the Ex / Atex / IECEx field. Håpet er at disse plakatene/Posterne vil være nyttige som informasjonskilde i den daglige innhentingen av nødvendig informasjon innen området Ex/Atex...


It is the user's responsibility to ascertain if a particular product is safe and without risk to health and safety by virtue of its location in a hazardous area, i.e. classification of zones, gas groups, ignition temperatures, etc. Both the specifier and user should be thoroughly familiar with standard mentioned on this sites or any document within.

Whilst every care has been taken in the compilation of this document, we regrets that it cannot accept responsibility for any errors or omissions contained herein. Readers should not rely upon the information contained in this document or site without seeking specific safety advice and ensuring that their own particular circumstances are in accordance with the matters set out.

Hjelper deg med å finne ressurser.

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