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This glossary contains list of technical terms also includes - Atex, Ex, Hazardous, Hazmat, Offshore, Ship and related terms and description.
This list is for information only - If life, property and so is in risc - search information from Gov. authorities or like.

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Term Betegnelse
Blind ram

An integral part of a blowout preventer, serving as the closing element. Its ends do not fit around the drill pipe but seal against each other and shut off the space below completely.

Forfatter - mos
Treff - 86
Synonyms - Integral part, Blowout preventer, Blind ram
Block (Oil block)

A North Sea acreage sub-division measuring approximately 10 x 20 kms, forming part of a quadrant. e.g. Block 9/13 is the 13th block in Quadrant 9.

Forfatter - mos
Treff - 102
Synonyms - Block (Oil block)
Blooey line

The discharge pipe from a well being drilled by air drilling, which conducts the air or gas used for circulation away from the rig to reduce the danger of fire and to transport the cuttings a suitable distance from the well.

Forfatter - mos
Treff - 100
Synonyms - Discharge pipe, Blooey line
Blow down

1.Blow down:

  • Difference between set pressure and reseating pressures, normally stated as percentage of set pressure.


  • Condensate and gas is produced simultaneously from the outset of production.
Forfatter - mos
Treff - 93
Synonyms - Blow down, Blow-down

When well pressure exceeds the ability of the wellhead valves to control it. Oil and gas "blow wild" at the surface.

In other word: A blowout is an uncontrolled flow of gas, oil, or other well fluids occuring when formation pressure exceeds the pressure applied to it by the column of drilling fluid.

Forfatter - mos
Treff - 93
Synonyms - Blow-out
Blow-out preventer (bop)

Safety system that quickly closes a well in the course of drilling, to avoid accidental blowouts.

More explained:

A blowout preventer (BOP) is one of several valves installed at the wellhead to prevent the escape of pressure either in the annular space between the casing and drill pipe or in open hole (i.e., hole with no drill pipe) during drilling or completion operations.

Forfatter - mos
Treff - 97
Synonyms - Blow-out preventer (bop)


  • The hole as drilled by the drill bit.
  • The well bore; the hole made by drilling or boring.
Forfatter - mos
Treff - 89
Synonyms - Borehole, Bore hole, Well bore
Bottom outlet valve

Bottom outlet valve - Emergency valve at the tank bottom to shut immediately in case of downstream piping rupture.

Forfatter - mos
Treff - 91
Synonyms - Bottom outlet valve
Break out

To unscrew one section of pipe from another section, especially drill pipe while it is being withdrawn from the well bore. During this operation, the breakout tongs are used to start the unscrewing operation.

Forfatter - mos
Treff - 94
Synonyms - Unscrew, Drill pipe, Well bore, Break out
Breakout cathead

A device attached to the shaft of the drawworks that is used as a power source for unscrewing drill pipe; usually located opposite the driller's side of the drawworks.

Forfatter - mos
Treff - 98
Synonyms - Device attached, Drawworks, Unscrew, Breakout cathead

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