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This glossary contains list of technical terms also includes - Atex, Ex, Hazardous, Hazmat, Offshore, Ship and related terms and description.
This list is for information only - If life, property and so is in risc - search information from Gov. authorities or like.

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Term Betegnelse
Atmospheric distillation

A physicochemical process used to seperate component products of a mixture, using differences in the boiling temperatures of individual components. In the process of atmospheric distillation, individual fractions of gases, benzene, paraffin and diesel oils become separated. Atmospheric distillation is a process carried out at a pressure close to atmospheric pressure.

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Treff - 86
Synonyms - Atmospheric distillation

Atom: Atoms are the smallest neutral particles into which matter can be divided by chemical reactions. An atom consists of a small, heavy nucleus surrounded by a relatively large, light cloud of electrons. Each type of atom corresponds to a specific chemical element.

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Treff - 101
Synonyms - Atom
Automatic slips

An air or hydraulic fluid operated device that fits into the opening in the rotary table when the drill stem must be suspended in the well bore (as when a connection, or trip, is being made). Automatic slips, also called power slips, eliminate the need for roughnecks to set and take out slips manually.

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Treff - 88
Synonyms - Automatic slips, Air, Hydraulic fluid, Rotary table

A determination of fuels produced solely from biocomponent.

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Treff - 134
Synonyms - B100
B3 Oil Field

A marine natural gas and oil field located about 73 km. north of Rozewie. In operation since 1992, it hosts the Marine Oil Mine (Morska Kopalnia Ropy). At the moment, it is the main source (2015) of crude oil extracted by Petrobaltic S.A.

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Treff - 110
Synonyms - B3 Oil Field
B8 Oil Field

A marine natural gas and oil field located about 68 km. northeast of Rozewie.

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Treff - 106
Synonyms - B8 Oil Field
Back pressure

Back pressure - Is the gauge pressure existing at the outlet side during blowing.

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Treff - 109
Synonyms - Back pressure
Backoff joint

A section of pipe with left-hand threads on one end and conventional right-hand threads on the other.

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Treff - 95
Synonyms - Backoff joint
Backup post

A post, column or stanchion secured to the derrick, derrick floor, or derrick foundation, the purpose of which is to make secure the dead end of the safety line.

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Treff - 106
Synonyms - Backup post, Column, Stanchion

Single-cell microorganism. Bacteria are neither vegetable nor animal, forming a distinct kingdom on their own.

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Treff - 118
Synonyms - Bacteria

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