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This glossary contains list of technical terms also includes - Atex, Ex, Hazardous, Hazmat, Offshore, Ship and related terms and description.
This list is for information only - If life, property and so is in risc - search information from Gov. authorities or like.

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Term Betegnelse
Vacuum distillate

Vacuum distillate - A fraction of hydrocarbons separated from a more complex mixture with distillation under reduced atmospheric pressure. Vacuum distillates produced from crude oil are usually used to produce base oil, and also as input for cracking processes.

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Synonyms - Vacuum distillate
Vacuum distillation

Vacuum distillation - A process analogical to the process of atmospheric distillation, conducted, however, at a reduced ambient pressures. It uses a physical property, whereby the boiling point decreases as the ambient pressure is reduced. It makes it possible to separate vacuum distillates in the atmospheric residuals. Heavy remnants of the distillation process are so-called vacuum residuals.

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Synonyms - Vacuum distillation
Valve lift

Valve lift - Actual travel of the valve pallet away from the closed position, when a valve is relieving.

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Treff - 123
Synonyms - Valve lift
Valve pallet gasket

Valve pallet gasket - Sealing element between valve pallet and valve seat.

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Treff - 134
Synonyms - Valve pallet gasket
Vantage POB

LOGIC's shared services to oil and gas operators for personnel and certification tracking at onshore and offshore installations.

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Treff - 140
Synonyms - Vantage POB

An opening in a side of a derrick at the floor level having the form of an inverted "V". This opening is opposite the drawworks. It is used as an entry to bring in drill pipe and casing from the pipe rack.

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Treff - 139
Synonyms - Vee-door


  • Gas safety exhausting system to avoid dangerous excess pressures building up.

Vent cap

  • End-of-line device for free out- and inbreathing of plant components. This device can be flame transmission proof.

Vent header

  • Piping system that collects and delivers the relief gases to the vent stack.

Vent pipes

  • Pipes connected to pipe away valves. (That allows gas to escape from the system)

Venting system with flame arresting capability

  • Free vents or pressure and/or vacuum valves combined with a flame arrester or with integrated flame arresting elements.
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Treff - 168
Synonyms - Vent, Vent cap, Vent header, Vent pipes, Venting system with flame arresting capability

Vessel - Container or structural envelope in which material are processed, treated or stored.

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Treff - 135
Synonyms - Vessel

Visbreaking: This is a thermal cracking process. Like catalytic cracking, it breaks up large molecules into smaller ones. It is applied to the residue of vacuum distillation as part of the overall conversion process.

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Treff - 131
Synonyms - Visbreaking

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