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This glossary contains list of technical terms also includes - Atex, Ex, Hazardous, Hazmat, Offshore, Ship and related terms and description.
This list is for information only - If life, property and so is in risc - search information from Gov. authorities or like.

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Term Betegnelse

Plugged and abandoned; A depleted well or dry hole that has been (typically) filled with cement and marked, with all surface equipment removed.

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Treff - 171
Synonyms - P&A, Plugged and abandoned
Pallet guideance (Valve)

Pallet guideance - Element of valve providing guidance of valve pallet.

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Treff - 215
Synonyms - Pallet guideance (Valve)
Pallet type valve (disc valve)

Pallet type valve (disc valve) - Valve with discoidal seal and axial guide.

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Treff - 212
Synonyms - Pallet type valve (disc valve)

A mixture of solid saturated hydrocarbons, separated from the fractions of crude oil. It is used, among others, to manufacture candlers, floor polish and as an insulation material.

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Synonyms - Paraffin
Particle (elementary)

Particle (elementary): A fundamental component of matter. The "elementary" concept changes with time as new particles are discovered.

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Treff - 236
Synonyms - Component, particles, Particle (elementary)
Particle size

Nominal diameter of a dust particle.

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Treff - 205
Synonyms - Particle size
Payzone (Oil & Gas)

Rock in which oil and gas are found in exploitable quantities.

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Treff - 227
Synonyms - Payzone (Oil & Gas)


  • To pierce the casing wall and cement, with the use of a perforating gun, to provide holes through which formation fluids may enter.

Perforating gun

  • A device, fitted with shaped charges or bullets, that is lowered to the desired depth in a well and fired to create penetrating holes in casing, cement, and formation.
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Synonyms - Perforate, Gun perforate, Perforating gun, Penetrating holes

The property of a formation which quantifies the flow of a fluid through the pore spaces and into the wellbore.

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Treff - 209
Synonyms - Propensity, liquid, Permeability


  • From the latin petra oleum, meaning "stone oil", an inflammable oil liquid varying in color from yellow to black, consisting of widely varying hydrocarbons, found in sedimentary strata of the earth's crust.

Petroleum architect

  • His job is to design and propose a varity of possible reservoir development architectures (wells, surface installations, effluent treatment, and shipment or transmission for commercialization), having due regard to safety and enviromental issues.
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Synonyms - Inflammable, Liquid, Petroleum, Reservoir, Petroleum architect

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