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This glossary contains list of technical terms also includes - Atex, Ex, Hazardous, Hazmat, Offshore, Ship and related terms and description.
This list is for information only - If life, property and so is in risc - search information from Gov. authorities or like.

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Term Betegnelse


  • The act or action of igniting: such as
    1. the starting of a fire
    2. the heating of a plasma to a temperature high enough to sustain nuclear fusion
    3. and/or :the process or means (such as an electric spark) of igniting a fuel mixture
    4. or a device that activates an ignition system (as in an automobile) put the key in the ignition

Ignition Risk Assessment

  • The likelihood that ignition sources will be present and become active and effective, the installations, work process and substances used their possible interactions and the scale of the anticipated effects.

Ignition source

  • An ignition source releases to an explosive mixture a quantity of energy capable of causing ignition to spread in this mixture. In other words - Any source with sufficient energy to initiate combustion (EN ISO 13702:1999).

Ignition temperature

  • The lowest temperature of a heated wall, as determined under specified test conditions, at which the ignition of a combustible substance in the form of a gas, vapour or dust mixture with air will occur. [EN 1127-1]
  • (Ignition temperature of a combustible gas or of a combustible liquid)
Forfatter - mos
Treff - 102
Synonyms - Ignition Risk Assessment, Ignition source, Increase, Temperature, Pressure, Simultaneously, Ignition temperature, Temperature, Flammable, Minimum, Condition

The Industry Mutual Hold Harmless indemnity regime is a scheme run by LOGIC to address the contractual gap which traditionally exists between contractors working on the UKCS.

Forfatter - mos
Treff - 134
Synonyms - IMMH
In-line flame arrester

In-line flame arrester -  A flame arrester which is fitted with two pipe connections one on each side of the flame arrester element.

Forfatter - mos
Treff - 95
Synonyms - In-line flame arrester
Inert gas

Inert gas -  Non-flammable gas which will not support combustion and does not react to produce a flammable gas.

Forfatter - mos
Treff - 118
Synonyms - Inert gas

Inerting - Addition of inert substances to prevent explosive atmosphere.

Forfatter - mos
Treff - 102
Synonyms - Inerting
Injection well

Injection well: Well used to inject water or gas, in order to maintain a field at pressure or bring it back under pressure.

Forfatter - mos
Treff - 91
Synonyms - Injection well
Integrated company

Indicates a firm that operates in both the upstream and downstream sectors (from exploration through refining and marketing).

Forfatter - mos
Treff - 89
Synonyms - Integrated company
Integrated temperature sensor

Integrated temperature sensor -  A temperature sensor to indicate a stabilized flame and integrated into the flame arrester by the manufacturer.

Forfatter - mos
Treff - 95
Synonyms - Integrated temperature sensor
Intended use

The use of equipment, protective systems, and devices referred to in Article I (2) in accordance with the equipment group and category and with all the information supplied by the manufacturer which is required for the safe functioning of equipment, protective systems and devices. [Directive 94/9/EC]

Forfatter - mos
Treff - 94
Synonyms - Intended use, Equipment, Protective, Systems, Atmosphere
Intermediate casing string

The string of casing set in a well ofter the surface casing to keep the hole from caving in and to seal off troublesome formations. Sometime called protection casing.

Forfatter - mos
Treff - 82
Synonyms - Intermediate casing string

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