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This glossary contains list of technical terms also includes - Atex, Ex, Hazardous, Hazmat, Offshore, Ship and related terms and description.
This list is for information only - If life, property and so is in risc - search information from Gov. authorities or like.

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Term Betegnelse

Gas cap

  • Upper portion of reservoir rock of a gas-containing field. The gas extracted during oil production is sometimes incjeted into a gas cap in order to boost hydrocarbon recovery.

Gas field

  • A field containing natural gas but no oil.

Gas injection

  • The process whereby separated associated gas is pumped back into a reservoir for conservation purposes or to maintain the reservoir pressure.

Gas lift

  • The process of raising or lifting fluid from a well by injecting gas down the well through tubing or through the tubing-casing annulus. Injected gas aerates the fluid to make it exert less pressure than the formation does; Consequently, the higher formation pressure forces the fluid out of the well bore.

Gas-to-Liquids (GTL)

  • The conversion of natural gas to a liquid form so that it can be transported easily. Typically, the liquid is converted back to natural gas prior to consumption.
Forfatter - mos
Treff - 94
Synonyms - Gas cap, Gas field, Gas injection, Gas lift, Gas-to-Liquids (GTL)
Gasoline reforming

A refining process that involves a reaction with a catalyst creating high-octane aromatic hydrocarbons and hydrogen.

Forfatter - mos
Treff - 100
Synonyms - Gasoline reforming

Gauging and sampling device

  • Equipment for stating the liquid level within storage tanks as well as for sampling from any height within the stored medium.

Gauging nozzle

  • Opening at a storage tank for gauging or sampling.

Gauging pipe

  • Pipe within the storage tank for determining the liquid level and for sampling - in flashback-proof or regular design.

Gauging probe

  • Device for determining the liquid levels in storage tanks.
Forfatter - mos
Treff - 205
Synonyms - Gauging and sampling device, Gauging nozzle, Gauging pipe, Gauging probe

Gear: Toothed wheel.

Forfatter - mos
Treff - 130
Synonyms - Gear

Genesis: Name of the first book of the Old Testament and, by extension, the way in which something (e.g.oil) is formed.

Forfatter - mos
Treff - 112
Synonyms - Genesis, Old testament

Geologist: Scientist who studies the structure and evolution of the earth's crust.

Forfatter - mos
Treff - 99
Synonyms - Geologist, Structure

Geophysicist: Scientist who studies the physical properties of the earth.

Forfatter - mos
Treff - 92
Synonyms - Geophysicist, Scientist
Geronimo (Oil, Gas)

Geronimo: An emergency escape line affixed to the monkey board section of a derrick. In the event of an impending blowout or structural collapse, an employee may grab a slide attached to the wire rope cable and escape the ground.

Forfatter - mos
Treff - 93
Synonyms - Geronimo
Gin pole

Gin pole: A structural framework erected on top of the derrick for lifting material to the top of the derrick.

Forfatter - mos
Treff - 102
Synonyms - Gin pole, Framework, Derrick, Lifting material

Gravimetry: Measure of the intensity of gravity, used by geophysicist.

Forfatter - mos
Treff - 89
Synonyms - Gravimetry

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