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This glossary contains list of technical terms also includes - Atex, Ex, Hazardous, Hazmat, Offshore, Ship and related terms and description.
This list is for information only - If life, property and so is in risc - search information from Gov. authorities or like.

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Term Betegnelse
FAME (Oil, Gas)

FAME (Oil, Gas)

  • Fatty Acid Methyl Ester,. A biocomponent used to manufacture fuels for diesel engine vehicles. FAME is manufactured by the transesterification of oil with methanol in the presence of a catalyst.
Forfatter - mos
Treff - 101
Synonyms - FAME, Fatty Acid Methyl Ester
Farm in (Oil, Gas)

Farm in (Oil, Gas)

  • When a company acquires an interest in a block by taking over all or part of the financial commitment for drilling an exploration well.
Forfatter - mos
Treff - 90
Synonyms - Farm in
Fastline (Oil, Gas)

Fastline (Oil, Gas)

  • The end of the drilling line that is affixed to the drum or reel of the drawworks, so called because it travels with greater velocity than any other portion of the line.
Forfatter - mos
Treff - 100
Synonyms - Fastline (Oil, Gas), drawworks, drum, reel

Front End Engineering Design (FEED) - The stage of design between concept evaluation and detailed design during which the chosen concept is developed such that most key decisions can be taken. Output of FEED includes estimate of total installed cost and schedule.

Forfatter - mos
Treff - 125
Synonyms - Front End Engineering Design (FEED)

Field (Oil,Gas)

  • Term used to designate a reservoir and its attendant oil or gas production, treatment and removal installations. Can also be explained as a geographical area under which an oil or gas reservoir lies.

Field (magnetic)

  • Zones in which a magnetic effect is observable.
Forfatter - mos
Treff - 123
Synonyms - Field, Zones, Magnetic


  • Steel, fingerlike projection that forms a slot in the finger board.

Finger board

  • A rack that supports the top of the stands of pipe being stacked in the derrick or mast. It has several steel fingerlike projections that form a series of slots into which the derrickman can set a stand of drill pipe as it is pulled out of the hole.

Finger brace

  • Any structural member either in direct or indirect contact with the finger to resists either horizontal, vertical, or diagonal movement of the finger.
Forfatter - mos
Treff - 103
Synonyms - Finger, Finger board, Finger brace
Fishing (Oil, Gas)

Fishing (Oil, Gas)

  • Retrieving objects from the borehole, such as a broken drillstring, or tools.

More explained:

An object left in the well bore during drilling operations that must be recovered or drilled around before work can proceed. It can be anything from a piece of scrap metal to a part of the drill stem To recover from a well any equipment left there during drilling operations, such as a lost bit or drill collar or a part of the drill string. To remove from any older well certain pieces of equipment, such as packers, liners, or screen pipe, to allow reconditioning of the well.

Forfatter - mos
Treff - 83
Synonyms - Fishing (Oil, Gas)
Flame arrester

Flame arrester - A device fitted to the opening of an enclosure or to the connecting pipework of a system of enclosures and whos intended function is to allow flow but prevent transmission of flame.

Forfatter - mos
Treff - 90
Synonyms - Flame arrester
Flame arrester cage

Flame arrester cage - Enclosure for the flame arrester element including spider rings.

Forfatter - mos
Treff - 89
Synonyms - Flame arrester cage
Flame arrester element

Flame arrester element

  • Crimped ribbon element.

Flame arrester element gap

  • Flame arrester elements have profiles, which are more or less triangular. The flame arrester element gas is the triangular height of the flame arrester element.
Forfatter - mos
Treff - 86
Synonyms - Flame arrester element, Flame arrester element gap

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